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My name is Anna Palige and I am experienced project and product leader with 20 years of practice in project management for executive and corporate clients and organizations. I have extensive experience as a Marketing Manager, Project Manager, Product Manager and Entrepreneur for domestic and global companies with focus on paper, packaging, visual communication, stationery and design industries. I am skilled in building up strategies, giving the business a drive, establishing business relations and finding unique ways to grow.

In 2018 I created my own company which is focus on solutions. I am passionate about design, paper and new online possibilities. 

If you are launching a business, a product or service, or want to reposition your existing one and feel I would be the right person to help you, don’t hesitate and get in touch. 

Whats app: 0043 664 415 4767


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Anna Palige


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“If you can dream it,

you can achieve it”

– Z. Ziglar